It’s Graduation Time Already!

imgres8th grade graduation is rapidly approaching. Although this can be a bittersweet time for parent, it’s a day full of excitement for the kids. After the 8th Grade Celebration Ceremony, the kids are whisked off for a fun-filled day of activities culminating in the 8th Grade Recognition Dance.

All of the info sheets, permission slips and payment coupons are available here on our website to download. Click on the Forms tab above, or click here and we’ll take you there.

Congratulations on your 8th Grader’s achievements.

Rosemont Idol is Back!

images-3Join us for Rosemont Idol on Friday April 25th!

This year the event is being held at West Linn High School’s beautiful theater. The event is from 7 – 9pm and we are serving pizza in the WLHS commons beginning at 5:30. It should be a really fun night filled with great performances. Tickets are $10 and a family of four pack is $35. All proceeds fund the Nuance and Band trip to Seattle. Come join us.


Download the Presale Order Form here.

Order your Outdoor School Gear Now!

Click here for the order form for ODS 2014 t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts.

March 2014 Conference Meals for Staff

Help us feed our teachers and staff during Conferences on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, 3/13: “Mocktail” Party!  Share your favorite heavy appetizer for a festive light meal for our staff!

**All donations to be delivered to the Staff Lounge by 3PM on 3/13, please!

Friday 3/14: Continental Breakfast Muffins, Bagels, Proteins, Juice and Coffee!

**All donations to be delivered by 7PM on 3/13, please! Leave labeled in the Staff Room, on the designated table

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Take the West Linn Transportation Survey

The City of West Linn is getting ready update its long-range Transportation Plan and your input is critical.West Linn is required to maintain a 25-year plan that aligns necessary transportation investments with expected population and employment changes over that timeframe. The region expects to house more than 1 million new residents by 2040 and expects to have significantly less transportation revenue for new projects and maintenance over that same time. How we accommodate all of these new residents with limited money for new transportation improvements and maintenance will be a central theme of the upcoming discussions. One way to do this is to encourage more pedestrian and bicycle activity, and that means improving safety and convenience for walkers and bikers, and especially school-aged children.

The City would like to know what you think about the City’s existing transportation system and where they should focus the investment over the next 25-years. Please take a few minutes to respond to our survey, and we’ll make sure to forward your comments and ideas to the City for them to discuss as this project gets underway. Thank you for your time.